Your Idaho CDL Training Primary Instructors

Harry Packwood is an active Idaho Law Enforcement Officer and has had his CDL for about 14 years.  He is an experienced CDL driver and instructor with a flawless safety record throughout his truck driving and law enforcement career!

Harry has driven in everything from farm fields to the oil fields of the lower 48 states. He has also spent a full year and a half in Alaska working on the North Slope on the Arctic Ocean driving trucks. Harry and his team are all certified and licensed CDL testers and instructors for the State of Idaho.

Isaac Gordon has been active in law enforcement for 15 years. He has driven trucks from coast to coast in Canada and Alaska, with a majority of driving in the mountain west. Isaac has a vast knowledge of trucking having owned his own trucking company.  He has operated flat beds, refrigerated trailers, tankers, and double and triple trailers.

Isaac ran the Al-Can Highway for a year from Southern California to Alaska. He has a vast knowledge of trucking both in the driving skills needed to operate trucks and trailers and in the legal areas of the day to day operation of trucks. Isaac is a knowledgeable trainer who looks forward to assisting new trainees and supplying them with the skills they need to be successful and safe truck drivers.


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Testing on site.

Need behind the wheel training? We can train you right here on site at our facility.


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Idaho's Best!

Our drivers are fully certified and many are even Idaho Law Enforcement officers.


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We test on site!

We’re a certified Idaho State CDL Testing Facility. Test here when you’re ready.

On Site Affordable Idaho CDL Testing

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When you’re trained up for your testing – we’ll be here ready to give you your Idaho CDL State Approved Test.

If you do not have your own truck for testing, then you can rent our Class A and B Trucks that we have on site. The truck is a single axle 10 speed transmission with a 26′ box van single axle trailer.

Our test location is located in Boise at Orchard and Diamond Street right next to the ITD maintenance yard and the test site is next to the ITD salt storage shed in the same lot.

Personalized Idaho CDL Driver Training

We are centrally located in Boise and very easy to find. Depending on the training you’re looking for we can take you as far as Horseshoe Bend Hill which is great for learning how to pull a grade and how to go down a grade.

We will work on the skills you need as a driver and not focus on the skills you already have down. We don’t want to waste your time and money training on skills you already know. …Instead, we’ll help you get the best (and most) training for your dollar and focus only where you actually need help.

Our instructors are great evaluators, listeners, and they will be able to tell in which areas you need the most training. Remember, we’re on your side, and our goal is to train you in the most efficient (and safe) manner to help you rapidly obtain your CDL License.

In, general, our main goal is to help people become safe and knowledgeable drivers – and of course – to be able to pass the CDL skills test the first time around!

Safety is our rule of the road.

Getting your CDL license is a great achievement in life, but it is also one of the largest responsibilities that you’re ever going to be held accountable for – so we train you to be a safe driver. With literally tons of weight moving at high speeds, you have to be “at one with your truck” and you have to be able to adapt and react quickly to changing road conditions. Who better to train you than certified trucking veterans and active Idaho Law Enforcement Officers?

Train with Law Enforcement Officers

We’ll say it again: “Who better to train you than certified trucking veterans and active Idaho Law Enforcement Officers?” It’s true, we have more experience than your average truck driving agencies and we’ve seen just about everything there is on the highway while actively serving our community. Our certified CDL training team takes great pride in having the privilege to train you the first time – correctly – and while pouring our years of experience into each training session.

Good Truck Drivers are in demand.

Don’t believe the hype about “truck driver shortages” or “robotic trucks replacing drivers” in the future. The truth is that if the trucks stop rolling – America stops rolling… and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Good truck drivers that have goal orientated careers will always be in demand and that’s all there is to it! That’s exactly why we keep pressing on and we keep turning out fresh and highly-skilled CDL drivers faster than our competitors. Join us today and see for yourself.