Entry-Level Driver Training (EDLT) Q&A

Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Q&A

Q. Who is required to be compliant with ELDT?

A. Anyone with a permit dated Feb 7th 2022 or later. If your permit is dated prior to that date then you are exempt

Q. What are the new requirements for ELDT?

A. New applicants as of Feb 7th 2022 must meet the minimum requirements for training which includes Theory (classroom) training and Hands-On Training. We utilize an online course that is registered and compliant with ELDT to satisfy the Theory training. Work though the course at your own pace on your own schedule: cdlonline.com. All of our Behind the Wheel training courses are also compliant with ELDT.

Q. Is it harder to get a CDL with the new requirements?

A. Prior to Feb 7th 2022 an individual could do the written testing for their permit and do the skills testing for their license without formal training. Many people learned on the job or got training from a friend. Moving forward, the institution doing the training must be listed on the Training Provider Registry (TPR). Completing these programs through a registered provider certifies your readiness to test at the DMV. Skills tests can’t be scheduled if you have not completed a Theory course and Behind the Wheel course through a registered provider.

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