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Get one on one hands on behind the wheel training to prepare you for your CDL test or schedule your CDL skills test with one of our state certified third party CDL skills testers.   At Idaho CDL Training , your CDL training is always personalized for your success!

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COVID Information

CDL training is considered an essential service to keep truck driver’s entering the industry.  Truckers keep America going. Call us today 208-258-3515.

The recent regulation exemptions from FMCSA are now back in effect as of June 1, 2021.

We will be following the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and staff during this time.  Please Click HERE to go the CDC’s website for more information

Still need your CDL Permit?

Canyon County Driver’s License office now has appointments available for CDL Permit testing.

Ada County DMV has appointments for Commercial Learner’s Permit testing by appointment only at

We accept the GI Bill®!

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Get 1-on-1 Training!

Get your CDL faster with our time tested one-on-one training program! Never share an instructor with other students. Call today for more info. 208-258-3515

Affordable On-Site CDL Training & Testing

Our mission is to thoroughly prepare you for the Idaho CDL Skills Test. With our time tested 1-on-1 behind the wheel driver training from start to finish, you will develop the basic skills necessary to become a safe and certified commercial truck driver. We also offer on-site CDL skills testing so you can complete the final stage in your CDL testing with a certified third party CDL skills tester.

Idaho CDL Training Doubles

1-on-1 Behind the Wheel CDL Training

At Idaho CDL Training, we offer 1-on-1 behind the wheel training with our dedicated instructors. We will train you on driving through different terrain, grades, 2-lane roads, freeways and more to make sure you are prepared for any situation on the road. We have several vehicles at our training facility for you to use during your training, including Class A and B Chassis with various sized trailers and 10 or 9 speed transmissions.  We also now have a truck with an Automatic transmission!! 

On-Site CDL Skills Testing

Complete your Idaho CDL skills test on site with our trained and certified third party CDL tester that will test you. Our Idaho State Approved CDL Skills Tester will test your skills and knowledge on the subjects required to obtain your CDL from the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Harry Packwood

State Certified third party

Harry Packwood has over 5 years of prior Idaho Law Enforcement experience and has over 20 years driving experience.  He is an experienced CDL driver and instructor with a flawless safety record throughout his truck driving and law enforcement career…

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Schedule Your Next CDL Training

Contact us by email or phone to schedule your next CDL training session or schedule a meeting with us to learn more about our training, services and pricing. We are always excited to meet new faces. 

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday - 8am-4pm (meetings by appointment only) We offer CDL training 7 days a week!

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1111 S Orchard St #239
Boise, ID 83705 (by appointment only)
Phone: (208) 258-3515 (call us anytime)
**NLC Students please call 208-918-8420

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